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  • echeveria gibbiflora plant

    Echeveria Care Guide

    Succulent plants are not only easy to love but easy to care for too! The Echeveria plant is just one of the many examples of a hardy plant that can thrive even during periods of neglect and lack of water. You shouldn’t always neglect your plant, however, so here are our tips to make sure …

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  • blue candle cactus

    Caring for An Indoor Cactus 101

    If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, and a little desert aesthetic, a small indoor cactus is a perfect addition to your home! They won’t grow to be 50 feet tall like wild cacti, and they are fairly easy to care for once you know what you’re doing. In case you don’t, …

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  • calathea zebrina marantaceae

    The Benefits of Indoor House Plants

    Houseplants are a great way to add a splash of color and vitality to your home. A simple plant can make any room come alive, and they’re practically cute pets that require way less maintenance. Because houseplants are living things, they interact with your body, mind, and mood in ways simple decorations can’t. These are …

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  • marimo moss algae ball care

    Marimo Moss Ball Care 101: Your Questions Answered!

    At Thoughtful Garden, we receive many questions about plant care, but no plant eludes more new gardeners than the Marimo moss ball. These cute little balls of algae are typically found floating through freshwater lakes in Japan, Scotland, Iceland, and Estonia, but make for serene decorative indoor plants if you know how to take care …

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  • echeveria succulent assortment

    How to Care for Your Succulent Plants: 9 Tips

    Succulents are cute and wonderful plants to have inside to add a splash of color and vitality to your home. Succulent gifts have become very popular as well as succulent terrariums in recent years. They are versatile plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance if you plant them right. They are relatively easy to care for …

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  • How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats

    These pests are entirely uncool and could cost you your plants if not treated speedily and properly. I learned the hard way with fungus gnats when I first started as a newbie gardener — and it did cost me my plants, boy was that disappointing! Luckily, I learned from that experience and ever since, I lead …

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  • How To Care For Air Plants

    Air plants do not live on air despite their name! They do need water and sunlight in order to maintain health. When compared to other plants, air plants are by far the least intensive — as far as care. Very minimal effort is needed and this guide will go over the do’s and don’ts in air …

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